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Freehub seizes when cassette tightened.


I've a horrible feeling I'm doing something stupid, but cant for the life of me work out what it is...

This week I've put my winter wheels back on whilst my others wait for a replacement freehub.

The winter ones are Prime Baroudeur Disc from Wiggle and are 10 or 11 speed, and I'm trying to fit an 11 speed shimano cassette.

The freehub spins freely, right up until I try and tighten the locking ring on the cassette, getting progressively tighter until the bike won't freewheel at all once the cassette is fitted properly.

I've tried a couple of cassettes, but it makes no difference. The wheel has had an 11 speed cassette fitted previously with no issues.

I've checked the freehub and can't see anything wrong with it, and no, there isn't an extra spacer before the cassette...



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