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Bike-Fit Question

Hello !!

I have yet to undergo a Bike-Fit and am considering one even though I will not have access to the more advanced versions of it, ie computerized etc. ( Perhaps the advance version is not even required ? ) 

I remain hesitant for I don't know how well informed/experienced Bike-Shop Staff are where I reside regarding "all things Bike-Fit". ( State this based on my initial interactions with the staff from two Bike-Shops ). 

None-the-less, my question : 
How does one translate the findings of a Bike-Fit to a bike of ones choice ? This becomes a bit challenging as the Brand of the bike I plan on purchasing is not represented in India and will have to be imported.

To arrive at some understanding, I plan on test-riding bikes from a competing Brand/s and will then need to extrapolate from there on in. It is this translation I refer to as each Brand and each of their Models will maintain different geometries.

At this point, my aim is to make sure I order a bike with the correct Crank Length, Stem Length, Handlebar Width and of course the Frame Size.

I believe if I get the above right, the other main variables of positioning of the saddle ( fore-aft and height ), arriving at the correct number of Spacers under the Handlebar and Shoe-Cleat position will be easier achieved.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this translation ?

Thanks in advance,


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