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Ban cyclists and e-scooter riders using phones, Tory peer urges (BBC)


Baroness McIntosh of Pickering wants a law change so cyclists are prosecuted for the offence of using a phone, in the same way that car drivers are.


Lady McIntosh questioned why Rule 149 of the code, requiring motorists to "exercise proper control of your vehicle at all times" and banning use of a mobile phone while driving, did not apply to cyclists and other road users.

To illustrate her point, she said she had recently been walking to the Houses of Parliament and as she was crossing the road, she suddenly became aware of a cyclist travelling towards her using a mobile phone, "one hand bicycling, one hand on the mobile phone, on the wrong side of the road".

She added: "I wasn't clear whether he was going to stop or not."

Ahhhh - legislation based on anecdata  3

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