Giro game - pick three Italians

I figured I'd pull this into a separate thread:

drheaton wrote:

Here's a game for you then, pick three Italians for 50 credits or less, combined fantasy score at the end of the race wins. Only riders making it to the end of the race count, if your's quits mid race, they get no points  19 

Teams for far:

drheaton - Scarponi, Santambrogio, Locatelli
TERatcliffe26 - Nibali, Locatelli, Aru
JAndrewHill - Paolini, Santambrogio, Chichi
STEVESPRO 79 - Nibali, Pirazzi, Gavazzi
ray silvester - Nibali, Oss, Gavazzi
Dave Atkinson - Nibali, Santambrogio, Garzelli
Ghedebrav - Nibali, Gatto, Aru
Philip Unwin - Pirazzi, Locatelli, Modolo
chrisdstripes - Santambrogio, Salerno, Gavazzi
Gkam84 - Locatelli, Tiralongo, Cataldo
NeilG83 - Nibali, Santambrogio and Di Luca
stumps - Santambrogio, Garzelli, Pirazzi
Timbo13 - Nibali, Aru, Trentin
stevemarks - Nibali, Santambrogio, Bongiorno
Wig_Billy - Nibali, Santambrogio, Battaglin
spin cycle - Nibali, Appollonio, Di Luca
livestrongnick - Cataldo, Santambrogio, Pietropolli
djb123 - Scarponi, Pozzato and Caruso (Giampaolo)
SounDaz_7 - Nibali, Aru, Locatelli
hguop13 - Pozzovivo, Pozzato, Santambrogio
rcorbin - Nibali, Santambrogio, Garzelli
m.n.charlton - Nibali, Aru, Gatto
enrique - Nibali, Aru and Pellizotti
fico - Nibali, Santambrogio and Gavazzi
obutterwick - Santambrogio, Modolo, Aru
taustin789 - Agnoli, Aru, Nibali
Gmancervelo - Nibali, Aru, Locatelli
thorolf - Nibali, Santambrogio, Cattaneo
johnny2names - Nibali, Santambrogio, Garzelli
shishman - Nibali, Pirazzi and Battaglin
northstar - Santambrogio, Nibali & Battaglin
letgoup - Nibali, Pirazzi, Bongiorno
flying11 - Nibali, Santambrogio and Gavazzi
fluffchucker - Santambrogio, Pellizotti, Pirazzi
viveLaPants - Nibali, Pirazzi, Gavazzi
farrell - Sabatini, Tiralongo, Santambrogio
makiavelli - Nibali, G. Caruso and Locatelli
jasonbrim - Nibali, Santambrogio, Di Luca
smiley_boy2501 - Nibali, Santambrogio, Battaglin
stepho - Nibali, Locatelli, Aru
Mikeh789 - Viviani, Pozzovivo, Di Luca
TheHatter - Pozzovivo, Appolonio, Pirazzi
Alan Tullett - Nibali, Santambrogio, Canola
andynic - Nibali, Santambrogio, Garzelli
d_jp - Pozzovivo, Santambrogio, Salerno
Tuarts - Nibali, Santambrogio, Battaglin
debbieg - Nibali, Locatelli, Trentin
Rant - Nibali, G Caruso, Locatelli

Feel free to pitch in your team, no prizes but a bit of fun.

EDIT:  Dave has confirmed that there'll be a prize for the winner pulled from the legendary swag bag so get your teams in fast.  Deadline is 12:00 on Saturday (midday).

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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