I'm looking for a new road bike to commute on and use at evenings for road rides.

I've clocked a '08 Raleigh Airlite at a nicely reduced price in the size I ride.

Any general opinions on these bikes?

And suggested alternatives?



Tony Farrelly [2963 posts] 9 years ago

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you Steve, had a look at the bike on the web and I'd say go for it - the wheels might be a bit heavy, but nothing out of line with what you'd expect to get for the money and you can alway swap 'em for something else - on the other hand they should be plenty strong enough to cope with commuting duties. Looks a bit like a Giant Defy - and I certainly rate them, so if they've got one in your size and at a price you like… Go for it!

Shaun Audane [137 posts] 9 years ago

I have an Airlite X cross mount which is a fantastic four seasons/muddy plaything and aside from the rear triangle being a little on the firm side(easily tamed with a carbon post)the Airlite seem nice framesets worthy of upgrading.  1