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Competitive Commuting


I thought I'd post about a terrible affliction i have. I don't think there's a cure. In fact, I hope there isn't a cure. But it is sometimes embarrasing, and I can't deny it any more.

I'm a competitive commuter.

If there's someone in front of me I have to catch them. I don't care if they're on a fixie, sit up and beg or a pinarello dogma. I will catch them, pass them, crush them.

If we're going up a hill, I will be the first to the top of that hill. I will break my b*lls to get there, wretching every single last watt of power out of my legs to triumphantly hit the top first. Then tried to hide my suffering out of fear of being found out that I care...

If we're on the flat, I will out accelerate and out pace every other cyclist and try to maintain it until I can hardly breath anymore and my vision goes hazy, and my legs are burning... just to stay ahead.

I just can't help myself. Sometimes I wake up and I think - hey, today, take it easy, relax, have a nice spin in. but as soon as someone passes me, those thoughts fade rapidly and I'm out the saddle and back on the attack.

Am I alone?


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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