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Continental GP5000 or 4 Season for all year riding

Howdy. I've a set of road wheels that I pop on my gravel bike for days when I'll be 100% (or at least 99%) on tarmac. These will probably stay on for most of the winter time too, as off road around here in winter is a mud-filled nightmare, so while I hear good things about the new GP5000 tyre I'm a little unsure of their durability/grip for the wetter months. I've used GP 4 Seasons before and they're pretty reliable, though a little sluggish. Wonder if anyone has any opinions - anyone used the new 5000's this winter and found them good and grippy enough? I'll be using 32mm ones of either.

My wheels are tubeless compatible but I'm not sold on the road tubeless idea yet - hear the GP5000 TL are a total pig to get on the wheel, and if I needed to pop a tube in following a more-than-the-sealant-can-seal puncture I don't want to find myself with broken fingers and a long walk home. Any thoughts on that too?


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