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"Race" vs "Endurance" bike for my style of cycling?

So I am lining up to get a new road bike this year and would appreciate some real-world practical advice as to choices. I am a reasonably fit 67 year old man, currently riding a 25 year old steel-framed race bike (Argos Racing Cycles) that weighs around 10.5 kgs, Campy groupset with 50/34 and 11-30 cassette. I do mostly 25-35 mile rides, alone, with partner and friends,  or on short club runs. No real off road stuff (occasional cycle tracks/ ex-railway or canal paths).   No racing/TT. I am reasonably flexible for my age. I am looking for a bike that will keep me smiling, get me up the hills (so compact chainrings and cassette with 32 or even 34), light, responsive but not too twitchy.  I rented an older version Trek Domane in France last year (first time I had ridden carbon, and loved it), so something like that is a starting point.  Manufacturers” “blurb” tends to steer me towards "Endurance” bikes like the Madone, but I was wondering whether something lighter and more towards the “race” spectrum might be better for me, considering that I have no ambitions to do more than 50 miles at most on a ride, and like to take on hills (and descend them!) with as much alacrity as age, courage, fitness and ability allow! So, for example, would a Trek Emonda be more suitable than a Trek Domane  (also looking at Cannondale, Giant, etc.) Any advice/suggestions ?

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