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One Punch Man character (Anime)

My son started watching this, about a guy who decides to be a superhero 'for fun' and becomes stupidly powerful and bored because he's so powerful.

Anyhoo, one of the 'C' class heroes (the not so powerful ones) is "Mumen Rider", who tickles me some.

According to the One Punch Man wiki entry at



Bicycle of Justice: Nicknamed "Justice" In short, this is Mumen Rider's mode of transportation. Appearing as a rather standard utility bicycle (also known as mama-chari), it has a thick frame, a light attached to the front fender and a basket attached to the handlebars. Mumen Rider seems rather adept at riding his bike, able to ride at high speeds even in rain.

And in using Justice, he can activate Riding-Out-of-the-Saddle Mode: When Mumen Rider "activates" this mode, he simply stands up and pedals at a much higher rate, allowing him to go significantly faster than normal. His technique allows him to arrive at the fighting scene 2.5 times faster than normally but it drains a lot of stamina so it's a double edge sword for him.

So how many of us have this superpower? yes

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