Gree-Tour of Guangxi

Is this race being included this year ?

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  • nniff 0 sec ago

    Did some idle sums:...

  • Secret_squirrel 13 min 38 sec ago

    The weight difference between those bikes is 0.4kg with surprisingly the Endurance being the lightest at 7.2kg (disclaimer very quick googling),...

  • Bobbinogs 14 min 28 sec ago

    The track does look pretty worn generally but only you can really tell.  If so there may not be much to gain by messing about with things.  As PP...

  • hawkinspeter 20 min 49 sec ago

    I'd recommend taking a photo of their number plate and also the driver - quicker and easier than trying to write/type information whilst dealing...

  • RobD 33 min 20 sec ago

    Yeah I've never had an issue with my photo chromatic lenses, I think it's rare that they ever go as dark as they possibly can, unless you've got...

  • Secret_squirrel 33 min 29 sec ago

    Pretty pointless post. Review here :

  • Secret_squirrel 35 min 11 sec ago

    Euro-sided brakes and slightly lardy wheels perhaps, plus ability to get redress if something goes wrong?  Otherwise appears a cracking deal...

  • HoarseMann 39 min 10 sec ago

    The bit of the path that goes across his front lawn and then down past the side of his house, crossing his driveway between the house and garage is...

  • Secret_squirrel 57 min 46 sec ago

    9/10 for a £125 pair of shorts where the label washes off after 2 washes???  I'd be asking for my money back. 

  • lukei1 1 hour 8 min ago

    Probably commenting on the fact that the driver is fully in the other lane (good) while there is traffic oncoming in the distance (Bad)