Tacx Smart Trainer or similar


I have recently torn the tendon from my pec to my arm.  I had an operation last week to reattach it but it is going to be some time before I will be able to ride a bike again.  Due to this I thought I would get a smart trainer so that I can cycle a bit indoors.  I've been reading a little about them over the last couple of days.  I prefer one that I can simply take the bike on and off, so this rules out the direct drive ones.  Also they are rather more exensive, and I hope it will not get so much use when I can get back out on the roads.  I like the idea of connecting up to Zwift or similar.  But certainly not for any kind of racing, just to make the training a little more interesting.  I basically want to do the equivalent of a leisure ride.

I note that wiggle and others have the Tacx Bushido heavily discounted.  I presume this is because it is discontinued.  But the spec for it looks better that the newer replacements.  Any good reason not to just buy the Bushido?

I have an Elemnt computer which will I assume play nicely with the Kickr Snap but that is quite a lot more expensive and I am reluctant to spend a lot.

So thoughts on a discontinued Bushido, or a newer model of Tacx, or something else.

Thank you.


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