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Mio Cyclo 605 charging indication light

Hi Guys

I there anyone out there that can help, i recently purchased a Mio 605HC from Mantel, when the unit arrived i put it on charge with the intention of setting it up the following day, when i got round to reading the manual it stipulated that the charging indicator should have been showing amber during the charging cycle and on completion turn green, the unit i received only shows a solid red and gives no indication if it is charging(ie flashing). i have a Mio Sat Nav for the car and that shows a slow flashing amber until charged and then turns green, i comunicated to the seller that the unit does not perform as indicated in the user manual and am trying to get a refund but not having a great deal of luck, did a quich search yesterday regarding the indicator and found a link on another forum pertaining to the Mio Link(no idea what that is) and the user said that unit shows a slowly flashing blue light when charging and then goes solid when charge complete.

If anyone could comment i would be most gratefull.



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