10kg rigid or semi-rigid bike box for carbon disc brake road bicycle for air travel?



I am really going crazy now, I need to take my bicycle with me on a plane.

I think bike bags and boxes are ridiculously overpriced, but then so is shipping a bike oveland or getting a new bike everywhere you fly.

Price aside, I still have not found a box or bag that would reasonably protect my bike and stay within 23kg luggage limit (box + bicycle - 8kg + accessories)

Does such a box exist?

Everything I checked wouldn't fit a thru-axle, or would not protect the discs on the wheels or the handle bars...

Ideally I'd like a solution with the least amount of disassembly or at least the least amount of tools.

Ideally, I would rather not remove the rear derailleur - I was told that they are not meant to be removed regularly and that can damage the thread in the frame. Is that correct?

Have I missed a bag under £400 that would tick all the boxes or you know at least do what it's supposed to do i.e. protect my bicycle against airline standard treatment?




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