Seeking advice on which frame size to choose for new gravel bike

Hi there,

Apologies if this topic has come up more than once already, but I‘ve been browsing the web and thought I‘d try to get some advice from people more knowledgeable than me.  1

I am currently shopping for a gravel bike and have narrowed it down (most likely) to the Specialized Diverge Sport. Main reasons for the Diverge are 1) the Future Shock system, as I have had a herniated disc in the past, 2) a friend’s recommendation.

With regard to size, I am right in the middle between a 54 cm or a 56 cm frame. So I am wondering which one I should get. My dimensions are: height 176 cm, inseam 80.5 cm, arm length 59 cm.

I tried a 54 Diverge and a Medium Cannondale Topstone (which seems to be comparable to the 56 Diverge) and found both bikes ok. Given that this is my first experience with a (gravel) road bike, I find it hard to judge which one feels better. The guy in the store recommends a 54, but then this is the one in stock... there is no dealer close by that has both bikes in stock, unfortunately.


Any opinion or advice would be appreciated.




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