I've just upgraded my ride to a Giant Defy Advanced 2 and am looking for some advice on roof mounted carriers. What do people recommend for carbon framed bikes with disc brakes?


barongreenback [159 posts] 2 months ago

Thule 598 will serve you perfectly




Have had mine for a few years now and use it with both carbon and aluminium frames including car journeys into France over several hours at a decent pace.  Thule sell a carbon frame protector for a bit of extra peace of mind.  Suits disc brakes fine.  

Zermattjohn [346 posts] 2 months ago

+1 for the Thule (they do a few models, all hold the frame in the same way and secure the wheels with straps. The only part of the frame that's touched is the downtube).

BUT don't trust the locks to keep your bike safe. It does enough to give you peace of mind when you're driving but whatever you do don't leave the bike on an unattended car.


The 598 seems to have a closed bracket for the frame, not sure how that's improved things if at all.

pastyfacepaddy [50 posts] 2 months ago

Thule OutRide 561 fork mounted bike carrier used here with QR wheels and there is an adaptor for thru axles but never used it. Far more secure than the downtube one both from less movement of your bike on the roof and also from thieving scum.

Had mine to south of France several times as well as a few trips to Belgium and countless trips locally with no problems either with security or disc calipers snagging either on mtb's, road or gravel bikes. I do generally sling a cable lock around them and the roof rails as well just as an extra measure.

N.B Also reduces the height of the bike on top of the car slightly as well which is always reassuring and makes it easier getting the bike up and down for the short arses.  1

Plasterer's Radio [546 posts] 2 months ago

Thule Thruride 565 caters for all axle types.

Doesn't grip the frame either, which is a good thing for carbon frames. 

hughw [43 posts] 2 months ago

I've got a Yakima FrontLoader which I really like.

It clamps round the front wheel of the bike, and is basically only in contact with the tire rubber(there's a strap for the back wheel).

It's super easy to get bikes in and out, and the locking chain they give you is a nice touch.

The other huge factor for me is how easy they are to take off. I can put the bike holder onto the roof rack in about a minute, and taking it off is just as quick. Compared to some of the cheap ones, it's really good.