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Anyone good at dealing with legal stuff? 

I recently purchased a bike from a bike shop here in England, made by a manufacturer in Belgium called Ridley. I rode the bike happily for about a month until it broke - specifically, an irreparable part of the carbon fibre frame. I had never crashed or dropped the bike, ridden it only moderately and cleaned it carefully after every use. In fact I kept it in my bedroom! So I sent the bike back to the shop I purchased it from, who got in contact with Ridley, and they agreed to provide a new frame. However, the model of frame I originally bought is no longer produced and they don’t have any in stock. So I was quite happy to hear they had agreed to replace the bike frame with the current model. Unfortunately when the replacement frame arrived at the bike shop, the mechanics found that many of the parts I had on the older frame did not fit the new frame. They then asked the manufacturer to supply parts of a similar quality that fit, so I can receive a working bike, but they have refused. This whole process has taken two months, and I stand to lose a lot of money having to buy new parts for the new bike frame. I was reading EU law in relation to new product warranty for up to 2 years, and from what I understood I shouldn’t have to pay anything to receive a working bike, as I bought a whole bike in the first place and not just a frame. Also, that the customer should not be inconvenienced by long delays. So my question is, who is in the right here? Should I have to purchase lots of new parts and pay a mechanic to put it all together, as an indirect result of their faulty product? Or should the manufacturer just supply a new but similar specification bike? I hope you can help. Many thanks, Alistair

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