My wife had an off from her bike this afternoon on the way home. She was shocked, bruised and a bit scraped but otherwise unhurt.
A woman stepped out from in front of the stopped bus my wife was overtaking and the woman looked the wrong way, despite the fact a stream of cyclists had already come past and my wife was at the rear of these other riders.
The impact threw my wife off her Specialized and floored the woman. Luckily all the cars had stopped (possibly why the woman looked the wrong way?). But do you know what saved my wife from injury? It was her basket. It's bent out of shape but I reckon it absorbed much of the impact and is what stopped my wife from headbutting the woman, which wouldn't have done either of them any good.

Luckily my wife, apart from being shaken up, only has bruises and her new Lidl gloves held up well for instance and meant she only had a minor scrape on one hand. The bike is ok as well, just the basket that's a gonner.


timlennon [210 posts] 7 years ago

Well "phew" for your missus. Of course if she and the pedestrian had been insured they could have sued each other!

(Sorry, still slightly fuming from torturing myself with a Daily Telegraph thread yesterday ...)

OldRidgeback [2951 posts] 7 years ago

The ped sped off, probably with heavy bruising. Caring sharing cyclists and a motorist stopped to help my wife but I'm afraid the ped's details were not taken and the now bent and twisted basket will have to be replaced at our expense.

Of course if my wife's Specialized had been fitted with the wicker basket she wanted rather than the wire one I bought, the impact protection would have been all the better. Perhaps all racing cyclists should now have to have a wicker basket at the front of their two wheelers - dunno about you bit I think it'd bring a whole new dimension to the term Milk Run. I think I'll suggest that at the BMX club this weekend - be amusing just for the responses.

Recumbenteer [175 posts] 7 years ago

Suing pedestrians is a complete non-starter.

I hit a couple of peds years ago in my car. I had almost stopped at the point of collision. It was the woman's fault, I had four witnesses. The idiot woman didn't look and dragged her little boy out from in-front of a line of cars waiting to turn right at traffic lights which were green for me to proceed. It took hours for the Police to get statements.

I still had to pay for their treatment. They damaged my car. I was advised it wasn't worth suing them.