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CAADX 2019

I'm going to sell a load of bikes and get just one do-it-all bike, and am looking at the Cannondale CAADX Ultegra, which is about £1700. Anyone any experience of the following, which are vexing me:

1) It's got BB30 - is this a deal breaker?

2) It has mudguard mounts but can't see a mounting spot at the top of the fork. It looks like you need a brace for the seatstay. Any knowledge there?

3) I'll use 35mm Gravelkings for summer/gravel use on my Hunt wheels, and stick some slicks on the wheels that come stock for winter, when I'll spend less time off road. What are the wheels like that come with the bike? Do the tyres that come stock work well enough on road to mean I can just stick with them?

Any other thoughts? I'm a little annoyed that they've left the gear cabling exposed in the worst place, but hopefully decent length mudguards will keep much of the winter road muck away.

Muchos gracias.

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