The driver deliberately drove into this cyclist, knocking him off. The cyclist has reported this to the police.




Legs_Eleven_Wor... [707 posts] 6 months ago

Valid 'road tax' and MOT on that vehicle, and clear footage of the driver's face.  In an ideal world, it should be easy to track him down.  But of course, even if the Met can bother its feckless, bone idle arse looking, and if the RK actually identifies who was driving, I'm willing to bet a reasonable sum of money that the piece of venomous pigshit will accept 'a local resolution'.   

Legs_Eleven_Wor... [707 posts] 6 months ago
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I know I shouldn't - especially on a full stomach - but I just looked at the Daily Mail article for this. 

Surprisingly, there are some people in the comments who are calling out the driver as quite obviously psychotic.  

But one thing that strikes me even in a large number of those positive comments, is that they are very often preceded by the disclaimer 'I don't like cyclists, but ...'.

The cyclist is now so destested by the overwhelming majority of British people, that any positive comment, irrespective of how weak and watered down, has to be qualified.

'No, no.. I'm about to say something that could be construed as "pro-cyclist", but it's OK!  Really, it's OK!  I'm not one of them!  I'm one of us!  I'm not part of that tribe!  Don't ostracise me for this!'