First thing, I’ve been an idiot. When replacing the cables on my Bianchi Sempre Pro 2015 I’ve lost the small screw that attaches the internal routing port to the downtube. 
Does anyone have any idea what size screw this would be? All I know is it’s very small & lost somewhere in the back garden.


CXR94Di2 [2540 posts] 3 months ago

Simple way, is pop down to the local bolt and nut supplier, buy a few different bolts 2,3,4,5mm sizes and try to spin them in to the hole.  Do it gently so as not to damage the threads on the bike.  its most likely a metric standard thread which come on each bolt size. 


Once you found the size, thread pitch, either go back to local shop or try the likes of  https://tibike.co.uk/  and https://www.pro-bolt.com/