Bond frames - any experience?

Hello forum,

I am looking to build a new road bike frame, alu or steel. I will use it for exercise and fun, no racing or mountains. Likes a more racy feel, and not the long endurance rides. I have been Retül bikefittet, so know excactly which size or build to get. I am 85 kg.


Criteria: Non-sloping; rim brake; steel or alu.


After looking extensively on the web, I have only found few options, e.g. Standert (german steel), Cannondale CAAD12, bespoke steel frame builders (Jaegher, St. Joris) and now the bespoke alu frame Bond. See more at


It is a very big thing to build a new bike, so will try to make sure, I start with the right frame.


Anyone who has experience with the Bond? The ride, geometry, tubing quality, paint work etc.

Other suggestions are also welcome.



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