I ordered a De Rosa from the local bike shop a couple of months ago, although it was out of stock at the time - frames currently being built they said, which seemed plausible.  The UK importer's website now has the following note on it: Due to an issue at the Shimano factory there may be delays on hydraulic bike builds. This is the case until further notice. 

Can anyone shed any further light on this issue and the implications?  

The shop was having a promo evening, so to get the special price, wanted payment in full up front.  2 months on, with the credit card statement having come in and wanting payment, and no bike; my patience and sense of humour is wearing a little thin...


PRSboy [612 posts] 1 year ago

The only relevant news I can see is a fire at the factory back in late March and only affected one area, but...


Nothing since, and no mention in Shimano Inc's 3rd quarter update.

Its a listed company, so anything that materially impacts on revenues would need to be disclosed.