Hi All,

Since I upgraded the wheels on my Canyon Ultimate and the groupset on my Whyte Wessex (and replaced my Wessex wheels with the ones off the Ultimate), I'm left over with a set of DT Swiss R32 wheels and a hydro groupset (plus a saddle and seatpost I have lying around anyway ).

I had been looking to build up a CX bike from a frameset and making a 1x Shimano (wolftooth) groupset. For this, I'd been looking at the Trek Crockett which was reduced to £600 (from 750), however, it's no longer available in 54cm and the 2019 version is the full £750.

I've worked out the cost of building up a CX bike using all the parts I already have and the parts that I'd need, the cost comes to a bit over £1200 (obviously the £750 frameset makes up most of this). This isn't very economical, seeing as I reckon I could get at least £500 for the wheels and groupset I have left over, which could go on a new bike. I'm keen to hang on to the wheels though!

After all this, I'm left looking for a new CX bike which must conform to the following specs;

  • £1200 ish (what I'd have to spend on getting the frame and parts for a CX bike anyway)
  • Aluminium frameset
  • Hydraulic Discs
  • 1x
  • Preference to take up to 40mm tyres
  • Able to do CX, bikepacking (rack/mudguard mounts NOT essential) and the odd bit of road riding.

The Canyon Inflite seems to be topping my list at the moment, any other suggestions?


Canyon48 [1138 posts] 8 months ago

Thru axles are a must too

Drinfinity [198 posts] 8 months ago

My similar spec has really low ratio gears. A SRAM Rival ‘long cage’ mech will take a 42, and with a 34 on the front I can winch up anything, even late in a race. Agree on through axles.

I was thinking of getting another bike with that spec, but I realised I could put a big cassette on my Raleigh CX, and fit a rack to the mudguard mounts, with a seatclamp rack mount gadget.

Joe Totale [153 posts] 8 months ago

On-One Pickenflick? 

Let's you have a Titanium bike which forfils all your other criteria including price, £700 for the frameset, £1199 for a Rival 22 build or £1399 for a Rival 1 build. 

cyclesteffer [388 posts] 8 months ago

Kinesis AT is only £560 at Merlin Cycles at the minute. If it was good enough for Mike Hall....