Which Scott roadbike to choose?

I'm going to buy a new roadbike and i need your help, first off my options are limited to scott because of the discount i get from local dealer, so no point giving me other options  1


Foil 10 disc - ultegra di2 , syncros merrit 50mm carbon wheels ( anybody has info what wheels these are ) 

Foil 10 - same as previous one but with rim brake, price is ~500euros cheaper, is the disc brake worth 500eur ?

Foil 20 disc - mechanical ultegra and syncros aluminium wheels, price is about 1000 euros cheaper, i think di2 and syncros carbon wheels are worth the 1000 premium ?


Addict RC15 disc - ultegra di2 and alu wheels, price is same as non-disc Foil10.

Addict RC20 disc- mechanical ultegra and alu wheels.


Pretty much to sum it up my question is: Foil vs Addict ( i live in flat country with no mountains) , is di2 worth about 400-500euros premium over mechanical ultegra, are disc brakes worth +500 euros , and are Syncros merrit wheels worth 600euros ?


Sorry if it's all so confusing, belive me, i am more confused than that text  4

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