Hey guys ,

Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I am relatively new to actually maintaining bikes myself.

Some arsehole stole both wheels of my town bike- it's a Carerra TDF.

My question then is how do I go about properly replacing the casette? I didn't ever take proper notice of how many speeds or how many teeth it had. What is the best way to find out this info? The bike is quite an old model and looks different to this one, so not sure if this will be correct: http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/road-bikes/carrera-tdf-mens-ltd-road-bike-51-54cm-frames .

Is there anything else i should keep in mind for this job?


Thanks in advance.


Anthony.C [267 posts] 5 months ago
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You could count the number of clicks on your rear shifter and add one to find the speed. 

Simon E [3476 posts] 5 months ago
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It will be 7 or 8 speed Shimano. Do a google image search for Carrera TDF ltd and see if any matching your bike's appearance have a specification list. If it's mentioned, the model of the shifter will be the best guide.

You might want to buy some locking skewers for the new wheels. Or, as it's a town bike, perhaps ditch gears altogether and go singlespeed.

don simon fbpe [2706 posts] 5 months ago

Pop down to your local bike shop and let them have a play. They'll tell you in a jiffy.

Then buy your new kit from said local bike shop.