Cutting a long story short I have ended up with a Mavic Cosmic Elite UST rear wheel complete with a Yksion Pro UST tyre. The Mavic tyre lasted two outings before it was U/S due to a piece of flint and the only tyre I could get quickly was a Hutchinson Sector 28 at 28mm wide. My front wheel is a non UST Mavic Cosmic Elite with a 25mm tyre and inner tube. This leads me onto the following questions/queries.

1) Can I fit any UST tyre to my Mavic UST rear wheel or do I always have to use Mavic tyres?

2) Is it advisable to change the front wheel to UST to ensure predictable handling front to back?

Thank you.



bechdan [160 posts] 5 months ago

1 - it makes no difference what brand they are so long as they are tubeless compatible

2 - all depends why you are using ust on the rear anyway. Ive used a variety of tyres on road bike sometimes as a matching pair sometimes different and cant say that I notice any difference in handling so long as they are of equal quality and pressure. The main advantages of tubeless as you are likely aware is self sealing punctures (to a limit) and ability to run lower pressures, some will say better road feel due to lack of inner tube but who knows. So if your main priority is puncture proofing then yes I guess it would make sense to have tubeless at front too, but for me Id want to balance the cost of a new wheel and new tyre vs maybe having to repair a puncture. Regarding running lower pressures - not everyone wants to do this or needs to, but if thats part of the reason for going tubeless on the rear then yes do so at the front too. Theres no right and wrong answer here.

My own 2p - I havent gone tubeless on road bike yet as im not convinced that there is enough benefit and the tyres seem to have poor durability compared to tubed versions which usually cost less too.
Off road however tubeless all the way........