Mrs and I are off to Italy at May 1/2 term. Her for a relaxing 5 days, me to ride Monte Grappa & The Stelvio.

I'm renting a bike box and was wondering if anyone has any experience of getting one into a VW Polo sized car with the back seats down, or any car on that size, such as a Clio?

I'll rent a bigger car if required but my wife would prefer to driver a Polo sized car.


Thanks in advance.


MoutonDeMontagne [109 posts] 5 months ago

My BB Alan goes easily into the back of a Leon, Golf and a 308 with room to spare. Plenty of exampes of getting one in a Polo/Ibiza too. You should be fine  1 

This might help you too: http://www.bikebox-online.co.uk/useful-information/bike-travel-guides/ca...