Joined today. Where is the Pick Team button? All the competitions I can see are for races that have finished - do new competitions pop up shortly before the races? Is there still a rookie league I can join if I work out these (very very basic ) basics??     Thanks for any help on getting started. 


Condor Andy [803 posts] 1 year ago

Hi Hugh,

The next stage race is the Tour de Romandie and it'll go live a few days before the race starts on the 24th.  The Spring Classics campaign is well underway with four races left.  I don't actually know if you can join part way through, but if you can't, then it's the Tour de Romandie in two weeks time followed by the Giro d'Italia.

What you'll find is, a new competition will go live and you'll receive an email saying it's live and you join the competition on the home page of the game.  It should be fairly straight forward after that, but if you have any questions then ask them here.

Hope that helps!

Enjoy the game  1


hughl [2 posts] 1 year ago
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Thanks Andy, that fixed it and I'm in. I figured I might as well dive in to the Spring Classics, even with only four races left - it'll give me some guys to yell onwards when/if I see them on the telly. Cheers,