I can't  see Mohoric listed as a starter for Bahrain Merida but as far as I know he is....or am I mistaken.  He's actually a decent punt for a high place. Any advice?


tony kappler [211 posts] 1 year ago

I've updated the start list twice in the last 10 hours, and yes Mohoric is in.

The start list for the Classics is very changeable, and my advice to all players on road.cc is to put your team in as late as possible, after checking the start list yourself.

It is less than 3 hours to kick off, and I'm about to change my own team, so the list probably won't change again, unless another admin guy spots something. (The beauty of having admin people around the world).

If someone is not on the list, you can always get them by putting their name in "find" and ticking the "show all riders" box.

Good luck to all.

Dr Winston [839 posts] 1 year ago

Thanks Andy. I didn't know if that would work or not so in the end I did Viviani and Moscon instead of Mohoric and Kristoff.  I fancied Kristoff over Viviani and Mohoric just won on a very similar stage...or be it only 200k...

....and yeah...must be tough keeping up with the changes....BMCand UAE made few last night I see...