In keeping with the current trend I'm in need of some tan/gum/skinwall tyres. 28mm, road rubber, comfy, fast, and able to handle winter roads. Can't seem to find the One Tyre that does all this - Vittoria Corsa G+ is the obvious choice but they seem to cut up badly and wear quickly in winter conditions. On my tourer I've got Panaracer Gravel King SKs in 32mm which I love but I was hoping to have something a bit racier on my fast bike. Schwalbe and Conti don't seem to do tanwalls in 28mm (Conti Classics only go to 25mm) and I'm moderately terrified by the horror stories people tell about fitting Challenge open tubulars. Any other options?


Crampy [137 posts] 8 months ago

Challenge Strade Bianche are pure hell to fit the first time, cut up something awful in winter conditions and puncture if you put them within 10 feet of a sharp thing, should you run them at anything resembling a reasonable pressure. But for those moments that they are inflated, they are effing wonderful to both ride and look at.

Try running them with Anti-Platt puncture strips (a couple quid from bike24) and at a lowish pressure 70 - 80 psi) and they are actually quite bearable to live with. Lovely, in fact. They also become a dawdle to remove and fit after a couple weeks. 

Alternatively Ive heard good things about the Corsa Controls, like Corsa G+ but beefier.

thelighterthief [52 posts] 8 months ago
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Clement strada 28mm tanwalls. Not cutting up too badly in the winter comditions. Been on the bike. since september with just under 1k miles on them so far. 

Rose on a Rose [28 posts] 8 months ago

I've been running Planet X Ruffy Tuffy tyres. These are a more puncture proof version of the Roly Poly.
Daft names for great quality and value tyres actually made by Panaracer.

Craigus Farticus [21 posts] 7 months ago

I'm always on the prowl for decent tyres at discounted prices. 

Currently impressed with a pair of half price Vittoria Zaffiro 700c X 23 in lime green. They were, however not much use when I rode onto sheet ice last Monday and fell onto my left hip. Saying that, I'm not sure that ANY tyres would have saved me from the two wheels disappearing under me and the bike sliding ahead down the road.

You must run these 23s at high pressure or they can be prone to pinch punctures more susceptible to punctures.

Basically, what I'm saying is....Scour eBay atc for bargains. Make offers etc.  1