We've had a request from a major broadcaster asking for cyclists to share their stories - particularly if you believe you've had your bike stolen because you've been sharing its/your potential whereabouts via social media or Strava (this happened to Alex Dowsett recently, who believes his house was broken into because the thieves knew he was away from home). Get in touch at info [at] road.cc or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter if you're interested, and we can pass on  your details - you never know, it could even lead to your bike's return. 


BehindTheBikesheds [2428 posts] 8 months ago
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Two weeks ago my mum had her bike ripped from a drainpipe attached to the care home where she was singing in a choir for the oldies, I'd bought it for her as a xmas pressie two years back. 

This is one of my big fears whenever I go visit my city of birth, it's a horrendous place for bike theft (amongst other shit stuff) and the scum will stoop at nothing. You can probable replicate this thousands of times over every week across the country. I'd be happy to cut the testicles off bike thieves.

HLaB [241 posts] 8 months ago

Thankfully not since I was a kid.  Heard a horrible one during the week.  One of the retired members of our club was knocked off and when he went backto retrieve his damaged bike some scrote had knicked it.  Its maybe wrong of me but I hope the brakes or something were damaged and as a result the scrote has a nasty accident  7