Just noticed that road.cc, which i visit most days two or three times, doesn't have any report on the passing away of Sharon Laws at the age of just 43, from cancer.

Sharon was British road race Champion in 2012 and represented her country at International level and was also a commentator on numerous Women's road races

Road.cc have mentioned about the recent sending home of the three Lotto NL-Jumbo riders for taking sleeping medication that wasn't approved. But road.cc reported on this three days after cyclingnews.com did.

Cyclingnews.com also has a report on the passing away of Sharon Laws, as does Voxwomen, cycling weekly and other sites, including the Daily Mail.

I can take or leave the situation with the Lotto NL Pro's, but feel that road.cc don't keep up-to-date with all the news that is relevant for UK readers.



HawkinsPeter [3085 posts] 1 year ago
BehindTheBikesheds [2844 posts] 1 year ago

One of their 'writers' didn't even know/wouldn't accept that 28mm tyres were becoming common place for riding (for non competition) less than 2 years ago and that frames that wouldn't accept such or with mudguards for commuting/all round use really wasn't a big deal.

The only reason I come here is for the banter, to sledge another pile of shite that has been overly rated, give opinion on something that stands out and in case an odd article comes up that needs attention from a safety POV.

Unless you're checking other sites then you wouldn't notice how slow certain things come up by comparison, I'm not too bothered by that even if it is the death of a well known rider.

StantheVoice [124 posts] 1 year ago

Thanks so much for your kind words and to know how we're all appreciated. We're real people you know. Have a very merry Christmas.