Dear community,

I signed up because my wife got me a photo of a new racing bike for my birthday. The photo is a promise of a bike in a certain price range, and I've been browsing the web and narrowing it down to two candidates. I was hoping you would apply your expertise and give me some pro's and con's for both, and ultimately suggest which you would buy of the two, and why.

The two bikes are

  1. Radon Sage Carbon 105: https://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/radon-sage-carbon-105-583225
  2. Eastway Emitter R3: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/eastway-emitter-r3-105-2017-road-bike/

Both bikes have carbon frames and Shimano 105 groupset. The main differences I can summarise as

  • Radon has a compact crank of 50x34 where the Eastway has 52x36
  • Radon has outer cabling, Eastway has internal cabling
  • Radon has 23mm tyes, Eastway has 25mm

I look forward to hearing your tips and suggestions!

All the best,



StraelGuy [1444 posts] 11 months ago

I think the Radon wins on bullet points 1 and 2, loses on bullet point 3. I also think the Radon is much better looking.

Boombang [43 posts] 11 months ago
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How well does each ride and fit you?

drosco [428 posts] 11 months ago

I think unless you're spending silly money, carbon frames are much of a muchness. I've got compacts on my bikes, but unless you ride hills it's debatable whether there's a huge amount of benefit of a 34 over a 36 tooth inner ring. Tyres you'll change anyway as that's a quick upgrade. Personally, as it would be easier to change if you don't get on with it, I'd go with the Eastway.

dougie_c [36 posts] 11 months ago

You don't say much about how much you've ridden in the past, but both 50 and 52 chainrings probably represent overgearing for the novice.

Try before you buy I'd say. A bike's a bike. The main thing is that it fits, and you like the way it handles.