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Giro d'Italia 2nd Rest Day Round-Up

15 stages down, the 5 hardest mountain stages of this years Giro to come.  The sprinters have packed their bags and buggered off, with the exception of anyone with a vested interest in the points jersey (Gaviria and maybe Stuyven), and anyone else who just wants to finish (Bennett).  It's a climbers race from here on out, so Purist teams who favoured sprinters will see their leads diminishing; and with this Giro already being one of the highest scoring GTs in this game's history, the Standard will be one by whoever makes the shrewdest use of tranfers.  Who fancies the mountains jersey? With 115 points on offer tomorrow, the jersey is almost certainly going to be on someone elses back.

Here are the standings in the Standard League:

  1. RadioBank - marcopires on 2532
  2. Veelers Wheel - Wig_Billy on 2519
  3. Country Lovin - rustico on 2469
  4. Kitty Kat - calico on 2451
  5. (4th equal) Bay Area Natural Wonders - sequoia on 2451

Here are the standings in the Purist League:

  1. Skiddlers skills - stevesmark on 1668
  2. - Richard Whitmill on 1639
  3. Harry's Game - huggyboy on 1615
  4. kikin - kikin on 1603
  5. Fullgashsmash - mvoller on 1597

Very close at the top of both. Harry's Game seems to have the least sprinter heavy team at the top of the Purist League and should be in good shape to challenge for top spot.

Best of luck everyone and enjoy the final week!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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