Can anyone tell me who scored after Kochetkov on the final cat-3 Collascreu climb today? I couldn't tell if the points were reflected in the overall KOM comp. Here's what I got on the KOMs:

km35; KOM1: Cat3 Alt de Parpers:

Alfonso, Rolland, A. Nibali, Nazaret


Km71: KOM2; Cat-2 Alto dels Pinars:

Affonso, A. Nibali, Nazaret, Rolland, Osorio, Armee


Km92: KOM3: cat-3 Alt de la Pullosa:

Affonso, A. Nibali, Nazaret, Rolland.


Km112: KOM4 Cat-1 Alt El Muntanyà:

Affonso, Nazaret, Rolland, A Nibali, Bol, Domont, Canty, Vanendert, Amador


Km124 KOM5 Coll Formic cat-1:

A Nibali, Bol, Alfonso, Rolland, Domont, Canty, Nazaret, Minnaard, Bart De Clercq


Km161; KOM6: cat-3 Collascreu:

1. Kochetkov, 2. Was it Gesink?, 3. Was it Kiryienka?, 4. ??




*UPDATE: I figured it out based on the total points. It must have gone:

KOM6: cat-3 Collascreu:  1. Kochetkov, 2. Gesink 3. Kiryienka  4. Bol

But does anyone know anywhere the individual KOM results are published? I only saw the totals on the official race website, not the breakdown for each climb.



Condor Andy [803 posts] 2 years ago
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Thanks for this!

I only went off the CyclingNews results, so I'll update the scores with these  1

1wrangler [119 posts] 2 years ago

My pleasure.