I bring your attention to the "scoring information" in the "how to play" section re breakaways;

"Being in a breakaway

10 points for each rider in a breakaway of ten riders or less that's more than one minute ahead of the peloton at the halfway stage in a race. This is usually for one day races where no mountain or sprint points are scored."

This is a bit more restrictive than the scoring info given in the CEGORR, and is the basis on which this CEGORR will be scored.

Note also that the "5 points for riders on the winners team" has been added. (Wasn't originally there).



tony kappler [208 posts] 2 years ago

The official results after the CEGORR showed all riders after Rohan Dennis, "outside time limit" (otl), so I took Dennis as the last (non disqualified ) man home. The official results now show Bakelants as the last rider, not otl. So I have updated the results.

One of the unwritten rules/customs (which should be written to avoid future arguements) is that in one day races, all riders, even dnf's, score points if they are part of the winning rider's team or they are part of the breakaway (defined in my first post). In hindsight, I should have carried through on this principle, and ignored the "otl", and just put in the last rider to cross the finish line, ie Bakelants.


Is it possible to

1/. Replace the breakaway definition in the scoring info with the one in the "how to play" section

2/. Add a rule that clarifies scoring for dnf's; eg

"In stage races, dnf riders do not score; in one day races, dnf riders score as if they had finished the race"

This could save some angst with all the one day races in the Spring Classics coming up.