Hi fantasy.road.cc crowds, some friends and I decided to use the site to run a fun WT season long league between ourselves. We decided that to keep time commitment limited, we'd enter the purist competitions so as not to be at a disadvantage when life happens and we can't switch our teams around during a stage race. My question then, since our private league is set to "purist," does this mean that we can't earn points from single day races (like the Cadel race this weekend)? They're in effect "purist" stages themselves, but from what I gather, the scores wouldn't actually be added to our cummulative league score. Am I understanding this right? Thanks!


tony kappler [208 posts] 2 years ago

If you set your private league to add up standard and purist, then one day races like Cadel Evans or the spring classics (scored as standard) will be totalled in your league. You just have to watch that no one cheats by running a standard comp.

One thing though, there will probably be more than 8 races in the year which will score in your standard plus purist comp, so you will probably need to become "premium" players.

Having said that, I would encourage you to play road.cc.  Iv'e played  for about 5 years now, and enjoy the usability and detail of the comp. I wouldn't bother playing anything else. If you want to try playing standard as an individual thing, apart from your "purist" league, set up a second team, and maybe do the big races like the Giro, TdF and Vuelta. I always enjoy the complexity, planning and challenge.


dave atkinson [6530 posts] 2 years ago

the other option is to switch the league to "Only include competitions that I enter" - that way you can include one-day races if you want