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Cycling @ triathlon races

On September 10th, 2016, Mamaia will host the eight edition of TriChallenge, the biggest triathlon in Eastern Europe and Balkans. 

The triathlon harmoniously combines the three disciplines (swimming, cycling and running). It is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. They say that triathletes form a distinct community, in which friendship and sportsmanship are highly valued.

I'm almost sure it can be a great experience for you to race in this big triathlon event 

You can choose the race you love the most. 

Individual races: 
* Supersprint Race – 400m swim + 10 km bike + 2.5 km run

* Sprint Race – 750m swim + 20 km bike + 5 km run

* Olympic Race – 1500m swim + 40 km bike + 10 km run 

Team races: 
* Sprint Relay Race: 750m swim + 20 km bike + 5 km run

* Olympic Relay Race: 1500m swim + 40 km bike + 10 km run

* A team consists ONLY of 3 persons; a person who attend in individual race CANNOT be part of a relay. 

Online registration are opened till September 4th and can be made following this link:

The run and bike races will take place on the road, in maximum safety conditions, the traffic being blocked, on a 100% flat surface, along different courses(on Mamaia Boulevard), while the swimming will be done in Siutghiol Lake, which is very suitable for those wishing to take part in their first triathlon. 

Amateurs will have the chance to take part in the race that suits them best, both for individual and relay races. There is already a tradition according to which TriChallenge Mamaia completes the series of road triathlons of the Romanian Triathlon Federation (Romanian Triathlon Series) and the Mamaia event is the Grand Final. 

Hope to see you at the START line! 

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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