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Staff Bikes: Jamie's customised Lauf Seigla Weekend Warrior

He just can't stop tinkering on this bike. But would you have made different changes?

Jamie rather liked the Lauf Seigla that he reviewed earlier this year, but since it is sticking around for some long-term testing, he’s been unable to stop himself from changing up a few things about the spec.

In our Staff Bikes series, we’re taking a look at the bikes that we ride every day. Hopefully, it’ll give you an interesting look at the stuff that we actually rate, our setups and what we’re using to compare the latest bikes to.

Lauf Seigla Weekend Warrior Wireless RCCR-1

Before we get to the changes, here’s a brief look at what Jamie said about this bike in May:

“The Lauf Seigla is a modern-day gravel racer that achieves huge tyre clearances without sacrificing its geometry or performance. The leaf-sprung fork is a tidy, albeit odd-looking solution to gravel bike suspension and completes a bike that’s comfortable, controlled and fun to ride. The decent spec list (although tested with wheels borrowed from a higher model) makes it a hard bike to beat both in terms of value for money and when putting the hammer down on dirt tracks.

“Overall the Seigla is fast, comfortable, innovative in its approach to increasing tyre clearances, and very good value. There really is a lot to like here, it’s been impressively capable both on rides here in the UK and in Iceland, fast or technical and Lauf has done a great job of speccing quality components whilst keeping the price cheaper than the competition.”

The changes

Lauf Seigla Weekend Warrior Wireless RCCR-5

Jamie has swapped the wheels to a set of the 3T DISCUS 45 40 LTD Carbon-Ti. These are monstrously wide and said to give you some aero advantages. They certainly look fast.

On these wheels, he’s got a set of Schwalbe G-One All-round tyres in a 45mm size, though an S-Works Pathfinder 42mm was on the front for filming.

Lauf Seigla Weekend Warrior Wireless RCCR-6

A Thomson masterpiece seatpost was chosen for its combination of decent weight and secure hold and keeping Jamie comfortable is a Fizik Terra Argo X1 saddle, though he only ever sits on the nose of it.

Finishing the bike, Jamie opts for a Wahoo Roam, favouring the ease of the smartphone app setup over a Garmin system. 

He has a set of the Jo Burt Kinesis bar tape to provide grip in all weather conditions and a Lezyne pro bottle cage hasn’t let him down yet.

Lauf Seigla Weekend Warrior Wireless RCCR-3

The drivetrain, bar and stem are all the same as the original review spec.

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