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Selle Italia is bringing 3D printing to high-performance bike saddles — find out what this groundbreaking tech can do for your riding

We look at saddle-manufacturing legend Selle Italia’s awesome range of high-performance cycle saddles – including the brand-new triathlon-specific Watt 3D

There are some brands that trade on their distinguished history alone, and there are some that represent the cutting edge of developing technology. For a select number of companies, though, there is also a third way: decades of respected manufacturing, along with a never-ending commitment to pushing the potential of innovation. With its breakthrough 3D-printed saddle range, this is where legendary saddle marque Selle Italia very firmly sits.

Established in 1897, Selle Italia has more than 120 years of experience in making cycle saddles, creating products that have supported riders in everything from relaxed family rides to Grand Tour wins. But while millions of cyclists have spent more than a century happily sitting on Selle Italia’s saddles, Selle Italia has never been happy to sit on its laurels and, in 2022, the company launched its first groundbreaking 3D saddle – the SLR Boost 3D.

Selle Italia 3D saddles

Since then, the SLR Boost has been joined by the Novus Boost Evo 3D and, this year, the triathlon-specific Watt 3D. Fully made in Italy and using a double-layer padding system, Selle Italia’s range of 3D saddles pushes available levels of comfort, support, and performance with its Carbon DLS Technology, which involves using a system of complex proprietary lattice patterns to create differentiated cushioning zones. 

All three saddles are available with either Ti 316 or carbon rails and – because they feature exactly the same shape as Selle Italia’s traditional SLR Boost, Novus Boost Evo and Watt models – they benefit from race-proven fundamental design, albeit now with enhanced performance. Thanks to 3D printing’s inherent qualities – less water usage and less waste – the range is better for the environment, too. 

So let’s take a look at Selle Italia’s 3D range in more detail and see how these unique saddles could bring a new level of performance to your cycling. 

NEW!Selle Italia Watt 3D - £294.99 Ti 316 / £364.99 Carbon

Selle Italia Watt 3D

The Watt 3D combines the aerodynamic efficiency and comfort of Selle Italia’s existing Watt saddle with the advanced performance of Carbon DLS to create the first ever triathlon-specific saddle with a 3D-printed cover.

This technology has allowed the use of highly-focused differentiated cushioning zones based on the specific positions riders hold on a triathlon bike. In addition, the double-padded construction means that Selle Italia can use a softer top layer with a more rigid base layer. 

Weighing only 222g for the carbon rails version, or 256g for the Ti 316 version, the Watt 3D also features Selle Italia’s Superflow cut-out as well as a non-slip insert for good adherence. It truly is the pinnacle of triathlon saddles, where innovative technology produces incredible comfort and performance.

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 256g (Ti) / 222g (Carbon)
  • Dimensions: 133mm x 255mm
  • Nose width: 50mm

Selle Italia SLR Boost 3D - £329.99 Ti 316 / £409.99 Carbon

Selle Italia SLR Boost 3D

The SLR range has long been one of the most popular high-performance choices in Selle Italia’s catalogue, but in 2022 the company took the bold step of augmenting the SLR’s well-established reputation with a technological breakthrough: a 3D-printed cover. 

Using a dedicated, proprietary textured pattern, the cover adapts to the iconic shape of the SLR Boost with differentiated areas of support to create progressive cushioning over the entire surface. As a complete product, it offers cyclists the very best support while riding. Ans, as with the traditional SLR Boost, the 3D version features the Superflow hole that is designed to reduce pressure on the pelvic area. 

Weighing an incredible 166g in its lightest version, the SLR Boost 3D is available in either S3 or L3 idmatch fitting system sizes, both with either carbon or Ti 316 rails. 

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 200g (Ti S3) / 205g (Ti L3) / 166g (Carbon S3) / 171g (Carbon L3)
  • Dimensions: 130mm x 248mm (S3) / 145mm x 248mm (L3)

Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo 3D - £329.99 Ti 316 / £399.99 Carbon 

Selle Italia Novus Boost 3D

As with Selle Italia’s SLR Boost 3D and Watt 3D, the Novus Boost Evo 3D enjoys all the benefits associated with the highly-specific support available thanks to Carbon DLS technology. However, in the Novus’s case, there is also the added impact of a performance-focused wave profile to promote manoeuvrability and comfort, which means it is an ideal saddle for those with a posterior pelvic rotation who require a more stable position on the saddle. 

Again featuring ingredients from its 3D siblings, the Novus Boost Evo 3D uses a double layer structure – with a softer top layer for extra comfort and a more rigid one below for optimal support when pedalling – and a Superflow cut-out to reduce pressure on the perineal area.

With the option of either carbon or Ti 316 rails, the Novus Boost 3D weighs from 210g and is available in Selle Italia’s idmatch L3 sizing.

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 246g (Ti 316) / 210g (Carbon)
  • Dimensions: 145mm x 245mm
Selle Italia 3D saddle

Selle Italia’s Extended Warranty and Crash Replacement

There’s no getting away from the fact the Selle Italia’s 3D-printed saddle range isn’t cheap, but – as well as market-leading levels of technology, design and performance – exclusively for customers who buy from Selle Italia’s online store at, you’ll also benefit from Selle Italia’s extended warranty. This means that your saddle will be covered for three years instead of two.

And, should your 3D saddle be accidentally damaged, Selle Italia has welcome support for you there as well. Again, exclusively for customers who buy direct from, if your saddle is accidentally broken in the first week following purchase, Selle Italia’s crash replacement policy means you will receive a 70% discount voucher on the same product. Perhaps even more incredibly, if your saddle is broken at any point in the three years after purchase, you will receive a 35% discount voucher on the same product or subsequent version.

So, when it comes to spending on your cycling, has there ever been a more secure investment?

To find out more about Selle Italia’s full range, visit:

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