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Check out the Orro Signature Venturi STC limited edition dream bike, that is (perhaps) not as pricey as you might think

This aero road bike comes with Shimano’s top-level Dura-Ace Di2 groupset and Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels, and by today's standards, the price tag isn't too outrageous

Orro’s Venturi has always wowed us with its stellar performance, and now the Sussex-based brand is offering this aero road bike in what it’s calling a ‘limited edition dream build’ with a top-level Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset and Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels.

2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - down tube.jpg

Introduced by the British brand in 2018, the Venturi is a disc brake-specific aero bike optimised for 28mm-wide tyres. The original model featured a mix of internal and external routing for brake hoses and gear cables, but the latest iterations boast fully internal routing and look incredibly sleek.

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2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - seat tube.jpg

All Signature Venturi models from Orro are made from spread tow carbon, denoted by the STC in the model name, sourced from UK carbon composite specialist Sigmatex. This means that the carbon fibre is arranged in flat, wide tapes—like ribbons—that are woven together

2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - seat tube junction.jpg

The idea of spread-tow fabrics is that they’re thin, have near-zero crimp (the angle the fibre makes when woven), and have fewer interlacing points than normal. The spread-tow construction is designed to reduce weight and increase stiffness.

In our December 2020 review of the Orro Venturi STC (built with a SRAM Force eTap groupset), reviewer Stu Kerton lauded its performance, saying that there was zero flex even under high power and praising its precise handling and impressive comfort.

2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - head tube.jpg

The Signature Plus Venturi STC limited edition dream bike we have here shares the same frameset, although it comes in an ‘Opulent Orange’ finish. Orro has always had an eye for creating stunning paint jobs—in fact, it’s something of an obsession, judging by the conversations we’ve had over the years. This is another winner. We’ve had this bike in the office for the past week or so, and there’s certainly a whole lot of depth and quality to the tone-on-tone finish. If you’re going to spend a few grand on a bike, you want it to look special.

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2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - rear mech.jpg

This Venturi STC is built with a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset. That’s the latest Dura-Ace R9200 series, meaning that the levers communicate wirelessly with the rest of the system.

2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - stem.jpg

The carbon fibre one-piece handlebar and stem, courtesy of BlkTec, maintain the bike’s clean look with internal cable/hose routing. Orro likes to emphasise the flexibility of its integrated design, allowing you to switch easily to different handlebars and stems in the future.

2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - bars.jpg

This version of the Signature Venturi STC comes with Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels. Fast and pretty light, these are excellent all-rounders with 58mm-deep rims.

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2023 Orro Signature Venturi STC Dura Ace Di2 Zipp Bike - fork.jpg

The wheels are fitted Continental’s fast and grippy Grand Prix 5000S TR tyres

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You also get a Ceramic Speed bottom bracket and headset bearings, Sella Italia’s SLR Boost Carbon saddle, and Supercaz handlebar tape. All in all, that’s quite a build.

The cost? Well, we’ve somehow become used to five-figure price tags on top-end builds over the past few years, so £6,600 seems very good in comparison. Of course, that’s still a lot of money to spend on a bike, but for the quality and the level of build on offer here, well, you’re getting plenty for your cash.

The Orro Signature Venturi STC limited edition dream bike will appear in a video on 'Great British Brands' coming to soon.

Alongside this bike, Orro has launched a Gold STC Dura-Ace Di2/Zipp 303 which is essentially a non-aero equivalent. Well, kind of. It's Orro's top-level endurance road bike.

When we recently reviewed the Orro Gold STC, we called it “a wonderful blend of comfort and performance”. Also priced at £6,600, the Dura-Ace Di2 and Zipp build offers similarly impressive value for money.

Find out more about both bikes here

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muhasib | 8 months ago

Why the emphasis in the marketing that the carbon used is UK sourced? Why is the origin important given that there is no mention of where the frame is fabricated.

Secret_squirrel replied to muhasib | 8 months ago

A little bit of research will find you the answer.  "Our bikes are designed and built in the  UK"

We also know they make their own moulds.

More importantly - why do you care?

Surreyrider | 8 months ago

This is at odds with social media and forum reviews of Orro's Venturi (if paint is an obsession, why do many complain about the poor quality?).

It would be good if Road CC did more checking of build quality of bikes as I regularly get confused by these conflicting reviews (and to be clear that goes for lots of brands besides Orro).

PRSboy replied to Surreyrider | 8 months ago

FWIW, I have a new Orro Venturi STC and the paint finish and general build quality is perfect.  I've not posted this on forums (until now) or social media, so perhaps there is a risk online reviews get an inherent bias toward people who are not happy, who are more likely to make their opinions public.

boblo | 8 months ago

Weight please?

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