Six performance cycling helmets from Met, Specialized, Lazer, Kask, Giro and Oxford

Helmets are commonplace in cycling and the choice in any local bike shop can seem bewildering, so to help you narrow down that choice may we present you with six of our fave performance cycling helmets.

Performance helmets need to strive for low weight, excellent ventilation, comfort and increasingly, aerodynamic concerns. The lightest modern helmets come in around 200g which is light enough that you really do barely notice they’re there.

You can pay as much, or as little, as you want with the choice at most price points better than ever before. In this video we’ve got helmets from £30 right up to the £200, so truly something for everyone.

- Should you buy an aero helmet?

Our pick of six of the best performance helmets

Weight Market price Read more
Met Strale
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Lazer Z1
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Giro Synthe
MIPS: £169.00-£187.49|Standard: £131.30
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Specialized Prevail II
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Oxford Raven
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Kask Mojito
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Leviathan [3057 posts] 1 year ago

Here we go again...

don simon fbpe [2997 posts] 1 year ago

Something a little more glossy and I'm bollocksed if I'm going out on my own.


Cugel [80 posts] 1 year ago

"Performance helmets need to strive for low weight, excellent ventilation, comfort and increasingly, aerodynamic concerns".

No need for any "safe" then?

Anyroadup. I find a cotton cap to be very low weight, with excellent ventilation and, if worn backwards, quite aerodynamical. It also evaporates sweat well and keeps the heed from getting sunbont. The wee peak is good at preventing sunblast to even Oakleyed-up eyes.

Best of all, it seems the cotton cap (or nowt) is safer than them helmets, which induce over-confidence, excessive risk-taking and consequently a greater degree of head injuries in cyclists who wear them rather than something else! Coo.

Cugel, not wearing a suit of armour in the car, neither.

PS Have you noticed how daft helmets look? ... Not that we cyclists care about fashion over function though, eh?   1

drjohn [56 posts] 1 year ago

Has anyone ever successfully sued a cycle helmet manufacturer because the helmet failed to prevent death or brain injury?

No? Why is that?

RoubaixCube [120 posts] 1 year ago

Each to their own, but having owned a Giro Savant and Atmos II for years, I ended up switching the Atmos II out for a Kask Mojito and it is by far superior and the most comfortable helmet ive ever had on my head. Even when the mercury was hitting the 30's here in london. the mojito handled the sweat very well and Im a person that tends to run hot when out on the bike.

If im going to be on the bike for prolonged periods of time, I wear a bandana or a headband/sweatband underneath to help soak up my sweat and get it evaporating.

alexb [213 posts] 1 year ago

I've just bought a new helmet from Lidl for commuting.

It's actually lighter, more comfortable and has noticeably better ventilation than my previous helmet.

I've just weighed it and it come sin at exactly 250g (including the rear blinky LED) which makes it a stunning buy for £12.99.

It meets all the current EC regulations of course.