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6 of the best disc brake road bikes - 2017

Disc brakes are all the rage and here are six of the newest that has reviewed recently

Disc brakes are all the rage in the cycling industry right now, and if you ignore the furore around the whole disc brakes in the professional peloton, there are many good reasons why disc brakes are appealing to cyclists that ride in all conditions on British roads. 

Disc road bikes are maturing rapidly, the bikes are getting better and lighter all the time, and there are some interesting new bikes to look out for in 2017. We've rounded up six of the most interesting examples of the disc brake road bike in this video. We've highlighted the following bikes: 

You can click through to read the review for each bike. Yes that's right these might be the latest models but we've already managed to spend lots of time on each one. It's a snapshot of the market, there are way too many disc road bikes to list them all, so we've concentrated on highlighting the six that we think are the most interesting.

The Canyon and Giant are two race-orientated bikes now available with disc brakes, the Roubaix has had a complete redesign, the Whyte and Focus are two appealing endurance bikes built for comfort and versatility, and the Cannondale shows that aluminium is a valid option in this world of carbon fibre.

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