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Bicycle Security - Commuter Diaries

Tips to keep you united with your trusty bike

I live in a bike theft hot spot alas (it should be like horse theft in the Old West), so I thought I would share with you some of the musts for bike security.

I wish this were unnecessary...

1. Get a good lock or lock combo if you are running qr wheels.

2. Consider the bolt through axles of a SS if you are commuting regularly in the city.

3. Get a clunker, a useable but slightly beaten up bike if necessary, something that doesn't attract attention. This can be quite liberating having a pub / shopping or town bike that you are less worried about. It's also an excuse to buy or build another steed.

4. Gaffer tape over any logo's etc.

5. Make sure your home security is as good as you can make it with floor anchors, good locks and security lights.

8. Make sure your home and contents insurance covers your bikes.

9. Vary your ride home so as not to be followed. This can also be quite liberating as it refreshes your commute and can challenge your riding routine.

10. Use cycle lanes where appropriate as it is harder for cars to follow you and if we don't use them one day they will be taken away.

11. If you feel you are being followed by another cyclist, mix up your route home or stop and delay.

12. If at a trail centre, lock your car and bike appropriately and discreetly check you are not being followed home.

Any way, this is not meant to be scare mongering, just some sensible precautions.

Most importantly enjoy your ride and don't let the xxxxer's beat you.

Flo K



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nick_rearden | 12 years ago

Check out Dominic Wilcox's brilliant suggestion here:

Angelfishsolo | 12 years ago

Agree with everything apart from using cycle lanes. I hate the bloody things!

Flo K replied to Angelfishsolo | 12 years ago

I agree to a certain extent, we have a right to cycle on roads of course but the cycle lane encourages new cyclists...and therefore less cars. Flo K

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