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Why do I ride?


I don't mean just commuting on a 15 year old mtb, which I did today, but spend my Saturdays mornings riding round the Peak District when I could be in the Westfield centre. Or doing the tour of Flanders sportif the weekend of my partners birthday when we could go to Barcelona instead.

I wouldn't have that big bruise and graze on my thigh from coming down on ice last weekend or had a 10km walk home the other week.

I could waffle on, as Herself would tell you, for ages about all the great days I have had in the saddle here, in Europe or the US. But why do I do it? What did I see in the great outdoors that made me want more of it. Why have I entered two races this week at the age of 50 and wondering if I can beat last years tt time this summer?

This will go for most people who read my ramblings here. Most grown adults don't bother doing anything. Occasional gym membership, ride to the park on a nice summers day etc. They seem to miss so much.

Rest of the family think don't ride and none of my riding pals don't ride with siblings so what is it?

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cactuscat | 15 years ago

until they ride up that amazing road in majorca and feel the elation of seeing fantastic places under your own steam. the park won't cut it for them either after that  1

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