New tees and framed prints from Vélolove
New UK firm offering a range of good-looking tees and prints just in time for Christmas...

You can never have too many people making nice cycling-related t-shirts and posters and stuff. So on that note we'd like to welcome Vélolove to the fold.

"Vélolove.cc are a young UK based cycle culture company producing cool cycle themed t-shirts, prints and gifts. A brand owned by cyclists. designed by cyclists and which exists exclusively for cyclists and cycling fans," they told us. And while one man's cool is another man's meh, we haven't found anyone that doesn't like this stuff so far: simple, catchy, bold designs. They look good.

Launched by design duo Maxine Hullock & Cameron Smith, Vélolove is in its infancy but the signs look good. "A t-shirt is more than just a cool item of clothing, its an expression of who you are and what you love," Cameron says of their initial designs.  "Cycling is fun, so Vélolove’s designs are bold, colourful and playful." The shirts are printed in the UK on stock manufactured to Fair Wear (www.fairwear.org) ethical standards, and they also major on efficient and resuable packaging.

Available online and in select cycle stores Vélolove tees are presented in tissue, but for those looking to buy for a friend or loved one Vélolove also offer a gift wrapped tube option - "a perfect gift for the discerning cyclist or cycling fan," we're told. Certainly there's some Christmas lists being amended round here even as we speak.


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j4m1eb [21 posts] 3 years ago
hatchet harry [15 posts] 3 years ago
j4m1eb wrote:

Very nice, reminds me of my tee shirt designs. http://www.zazzle.co.uk/maillot_vert_green_jersey_tdf_tee_shirts-2354188...

**T-shirt plug klaxon!**

Farky [183 posts] 3 years ago

Wow - as a range offering, these really stand out.

Individually - looks like someone looked at a pantone card for inspiration! The one with coloured wording seems like the only one with some thought.

I like simplistic/minimalistic designs but theyve gone a bit far for me. Each to their own.

Love the tubes idea though and a stack of these in any shop will be more than enough to tempt a customer buying a spare tube or spares.

SuperG [99 posts] 3 years ago

They are a nice range....but agree with 'farky' pantone rip off, designer did'nt look very far from his colour swatch!

zzgavin [193 posts] 3 years ago

the coloured wording one is great, I spotted these a while back, the grimpeur is on my wish list in more ways than one, especially after getting an unexpected kicking from toys hill on the dulwich paragon ride of the falling leaves at the weekend, cramps...