Want a 5kg carbon superbike hand built in Sweden? Best start saving, eh...

Got lots and lots of money and want something really light and sexy and hand-tuned just for you? Course you do. Well now you have a new option: A2J cycles, hand built just for you in Sweden.

Jon Gunner, the man behind the brand, should know a thing or two about making things out of Carbon and attracting a moneyed audience, given that he's technical director at Swedish super car manufacturer Koenigsegg. Bikes are a passion though, and he's partnered up to produce the bikes in Sweden too; the frames are made in Linköping before being finished in Viken and finally assembled in Stockholm. "I'm trying to build the bike I wanted but couldn't find anywhere," says Jon.

A2J currently have one frame design in production that's available in three different basic layups: a really stiff one, a really light one and one that's in between. But they'll adjust their layup to suit you specifically; each bike is built by hand so they can put the material just where you need it for your riding.

"We can take a rider's data and tune any of our basic layups, for instance taking a rider's weight and power output to tune the characteristics of the frame," Jon told us. "A frame takes around 60 hours to make, with the super lightweight ones taking the longest. We weigh every individual bit of carbon fibre to make sure we're building the frame to spec." Frame weights go as low as 640g, with full builds from about 5kg. The current frame design will probably be limited to 50 frames, after which A2J will introduce new designs; they're working on a TT bike as well as a new road frame.

A2J recommend that you buy their frames as a complete bike, as they like to take a system approach to the build to make sure that everything works together. The bikes on display were built up with a mix of Dura Ace Di2 and exotic German carbon bits from the likes of Scmolke and THM.

Okay, you've probably guessed that a Swedish-built custom 5kg carbon monocoque bike ain't gonna be cheap, so we'll lay it out for you. A basic spec bike (one of the three standard layups with Di2 and less exotic finishing kit) will leave you with a €15,000 hole in your savings. Add custom layup and posh carbon bits and you're looking at €20,000. They're taking preliminary orders now if your appetite has been whetted. Head over to www.a2j.eu for more details.

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