Gasston Stables opening up their 60 acres to cars to cope with increased demand

What with cycling being the sport of the month and the world and his wife heading down to Surrey this weekend to take in a bit of the action, it's no wonder that the options for parking your car near Box Hill are pretty limited now. The places you can book are mostly full and there's not a huge capacity in the area.

Obviously what you really want to do is bike up, or use the train (check the section on Southern Trains for restrictions here), and come to the (PLUG ALERT) Surrey Hills Road Race Festival. But plenty of people will be driving so the more the merrier in terms of car parks. We've just had a call from the nice lady at Gasston Stables in Headley to let us know that they're opening up their 60 acres for parking over the weekend. The deal is the same as the council-run car parks: £15 for a car and £25 for a minibus. They're open 6am to 7pm both days.

Headley's at the top of the Box Hill zigzag and it's free access there; the route is closed, obviously, so you'll need to come in from the Epsom side. It's a good option if you're in that area, and not too difficult to get to from Junctions 8 and 9 of the M25.

The full address is:

Gasston Stables
Hurst Lane
KT18 6DY

They're not pre-booking the spaces. for more info you can contact Paula Gasston on 07740 942220

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A V Lowe [621 posts] 5 years ago

Don't forget that the train operators won't let bikes travel to Dorking and Box Hill on the Road Race days. No ban to Guildford though but Redhill is nominally within Southern blockade

seanieh66 [196 posts] 5 years ago

 16 Nice little earner for the stables me thinks.

workhard [400 posts] 5 years ago

Driving to a cycle race within easy reach of London? A bit like driving to the gym....