Ahead of our Exclusive first ride here's a taste of the new Nanolight from Planet X

Tomorrow we bring you an exclusive first ride of the 2012 Planet X Nanolight and a mighty gallery of pictures, tonight though to whet your appetite we've got this short video featuring Planet X bike designers, Brant Richards and 'Big Frank' Campbell talking us around the standout features of their new Nanolight N2 road bike.

As ever with Planet X you get an awful lot of bang for your buck, in this case 700 notes buys you a sub kilo high modulus carbon frame, fork, and seatpost made from Toray T700 and T800 carbon fibre.


Other features of note are a BB30 bottom bracket (last year's model had a standard BB) and an asymmetric to the max head tube/steerer flaring out from 1 1/8 to 1 1/2 at the bottom for maximum front end stiffness even British roads shouldn't bounce this baby off track – Mat can fill us in on that tomorrow.

The 2012 model also comes with internal cable routing, which the Planet X guys say is designed to be as mechanic and maintenance-friendly as possible – for those not using the Nanolight as an out and out race machine one of the big pluses of internal routing should be that having cables shielded from the elements should also increase their longevity which sounds like a win all round.

The new Nanolight frame is also much more of an aero optimised beast that than the bike it is replacing with aero profiled tubing - Planet X also seem to be going for the 'thinner is faster' philosophy. They're keeping things real world (as you'd expect for a bike designed in Yorkshire) although the seatpost is an aero affair it's also a post not a mast giving plenty of option for position tinkering.

It certainly is a striking looking machine what it rides like we'll find out soon in the meantime it's over to Brant and Frank…

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