Cadel's walked off with the prize in real life, but who's our fantasy winner?...

Insert metaphor involving empty bidons and back lanes of France, or faded bunting on the Champs Elysées or something: the Tour is over for another year. And what a tour it was! The most exciting for years, it had everything. And now all we've got left is a big tour-shaped hole in our lives.

Except for Long Island-based scorekeeper, of course, because they've managed to take that hole and cram a £2,799 Trek Madone 5.2 into it, by triumphing in our Fantasy Tour de France, brought to you in association with Evans Cycles. Always there or thereabouts, team Redbone put in a very solid last-week performance to take the fantasy maillot jaune by 37 points from a team almost exactly on the other side of the world, Adelaide-based The Mighty Bulls, the team of Mal71.

Fair play to both teams: it's been either one or the other of them topping the table from the first rest day onwards. At least Mal71 got the consolation of an Aussie win in the real thing, scant consolation though that may be.

That's another grand tour gone by without a home-grown winner, although we did manage a green-jersey-esque third place courtesy of London-based KevinP, so well done to him. Here's the final top ten standing in full:

1 Redbone                  scorekeeper   1994
2 Mighty Bulls             Mal71         1957
3 asstanner                kevinP        1940
5 eaju                     eaju          1908
6 Molteni 75               mr_fox        1898
7 EPO breaks               nickobec      1894
8 Chapshaw's Hardmen       tomchapman    1883
9 Oltre Nero               o_marsden     1882
10 Cambridge Flyers        Alan Tullett  1879

There were plenty of spot prizes to pick up in the last week too, and they've all been allocated now: for the record here's who won and when:

Johnny_175cranks (stage 16)
Standen (stage 17)
armchaircyclist (stage 18)
The Instigator (stage 19)
esnifador (stage 20)
scrapper (stage 21)

So that about wraps it up then for the Tour then. Thanks for playing and the season's not over yet, of course: the Classica San Sebastian is on Saturday, and then after that it's time to start gearing up for the Vuelta, where you can win a BMC Street Racer SR02 worth £1,199. Stick around for that one!

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Greensox [13 posts] 6 years ago

Alas the fallout from "steakgate" is clear even in the fantasy league. Last year there were 138 clear cases of doping amongst Road  2 CC fantasy tour teams (by coincidence I finished 139th - I think). This year it is clear that more than 450 teams have had their noses in the Clenbuterol trough.

I can only imagine that Road CC will once again take the same head-in-the-sand attitude to this growing problem and once again I will be denied a shiny new bike that is mine by right. Oh the injustice!

Right, I'll get me coat!

Littlehuan [46 posts] 6 years ago

There's one team in our works mini league with a rigorous anti-doping stance. He's second bottom. Let's not let that spoil a great game though.

SirruslyFast [16 posts] 6 years ago

Esnifador? We all know what that means in Spanish - how suspsicious can you get. Although beef has got to hurt!

_SiD_ [163 posts] 6 years ago

I think pesky little Northern Ireland deserves a mention for coming second - just behind The Rest Of The World - fueled only by "recreational drugs" I might add.

Kent_1 [1 post] 6 years ago

Good game but interesting how a daily stage winner gets nothing but a spot prize winner does. Whinge over!

chromo1990 [41 posts] 6 years ago

Bugger! I even road around Cadels base town Mendresio last month I thought it would give me the winning edge.

manolo [31 posts] 6 years ago

Ok, so, out of curiosity, how does this work? Does the winner get the bike shipped to them from Trek at no extra cost? Does Evans ship it out or Trek? Just wondering.